Random Birthday Generator


Random Birthday Generator


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random birthday generator


It’s my birthday, and I’m giving away this adorable set of three Japanese washi tapes!

The width of each roll is about 1.5 cm. The set was described as purple, but the bottom two rolls are more of a maroon color. Super cute and sweet.

Just leave a comment on this picture to enter. I’ll pick a winner with a random number generator on Sunday, February 13th at about 2 PM PST. So comment before then!

I’ll post here who wins, and will Flickr mail the winner for her/his address.

Anyone with a (non-empty) Flickr account can enter–friends, family, even strangers 🙂 Don’t be shy! (If you can’t think of anything to say, maybe tell me the last thing you’ve made or even your favorite color or favorite vacation spot…) International posting if needed, of course!

Grandma Fred says hi!

Grandma Fred says hi!
Via the Random Caption Generator.